Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns
Webmastermind a division of ihost technologies, based in Huntsville, Ontario, Canada owns and operates this web site.

Is it really, truly free to submit my site into the directory?
Yes - completely, well - it's not you have to pay us with jelly beans. One red jelly bean a year. Just kidding... it is free. But -- can we interest you in advertising?

Why is it free? was the pilot project for our directory management software we implement on our customers' web sites. We have seen so many pay for your link directories in Muskoka we decided ours should be free - just because we are so nice. But -- can we interest you in advertising?

What other sites do you operate besides
Good Question! Our main business is web design we have developed over 400 web sites as a company in the past 6 years! We are also developing niche industry directory sites for the Muskoka region, so check back often as we launch more and more useful content directories, that will be free, really totally free!

Can I link my site to
Sure - go for it! We'll thank you for doing it - maybe we will even share our jelly beans!



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