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ACME Planing Mills (1979) Ltd.
Complete line of retail building materials.
Location / City: Huntsville, Ontario . Web Site:

Muskoka Lumber Building Supply Centre
Offers specialty milling, Douglas Fir and pine timbers, lumber, and hardware. Three locations in Muskoka.
Location / City: Port Carling, Ontario . Web Site:

Muskoka Timber Mills
Produces Canadian timber and custom mills lumber and logs for log homes for customers worldwide.
Location / City: Bracebridge, Ontario . Web Site:

NorStar Aluminum Products Ltd
NorStar Aluminum Products Ltd. has been serving the Muskoka, Parry Sound areas for the past 27 years and prides itself on offering high quality exterior vinyl siding...
Location / City: Bracebridge, Ontario . Web Site:

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