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Fireplace King (The)
Professional sales & installation of wood. propane. natural gas fireplaces & barbecues. Custom stone work.
Location / City: Huntsville, Ontario . Web Site:

Fireplace Accessories by The Smithy
Handcrafted by Muskoka Ontario blacksmith Tom Church, products include; fireplace screens, doors, tools, grates, firedogs, woodholders and chimney caps.
Location / City: Muskoka Region, Ontario . Web Site:

Muskoka Woodworks
Firewood Sheds, builder of unique firewood sheds, recipient of the green cottager award 2008 for this unique shed, and its ability to help provide seasoned dry firew...
Location / City: Bala, Ontario . Web Site:

The Muskoka Stone Company
Our yard has a full selection of stone, mulch, topsoil and various different types of gravel. We are currently expanding our size and inventory, check back frequentl...
Location / City: Bracebridge, Ontario . Web Site:

The Smithy
The blacksmith tradition continues in Muskoka with Tom Church, whose custom designs include: chandeliers, outdoor lighting, fireplace accessories, flag poles, firepl...
Location / City: Port Carling, Ontario . Web Site:

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